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Monday, May 3, 2010

Vodka Martini

This past week I have started making myself martinis at home. When beer sounds too heavy and wine sounds not refreshing enough, an icy vodka martini with a lemon twist is the perfect answer.

Dry Vermouth

I like to shake mine for a more balanced flavor (though a purist would say the ice that brakes up in the liquor waters it down - so stir if this is your feeling as well). I am not much for measuring, so I pour in the vodka with a splash of vermouth. I have tried it where I just swirl the vermouth in glass and it doesn't take quite enough of the edge off the vodka for me. After I strain the liquid into a martini glass, I cut a quarter sized round of lemon and squeeze it over the drink (peel side down). I also like to rub the lemon around the lip of the glass and then throw it in for further citrus flavor.


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