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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wine Spritzers

Ah! One of my absolute favorite summer drinks! Wine spritzers are such a refreshing and and fun warm weather cocktail. There are a ton of variations, they don't get you too tipsy, and they have a way of making any occasion seem special. I started making these a couple years ago with my dear friend Alex. She and I were grilling out every night together and enjoying life - this one is for her. Cheers!

{picture via Cafe Lynnylu. Click on the link for an amazing sounding Martha Stewart recipe that I can't wait to try}

This drink is so simple because there isn't really anything that can go wrong - unlike some stuffy cocktails (which I also adore) that need the perfect balance of everything.

White Wine Spritzers:

2 Parts White Wine (My first choice is Sauv Blanc b/c of it fruity undertones)
1 Part Club Soda
Pomegranate Juice
Fresh or Frozen Fruit

I prefer to start with a tall and thin glass like you see pictured, but you can definitely use a larger wine glass (or stemmed water goblet would be great as well).

Fill the glass with ice, pour in the wine and club soda - I actually do less wine - more like half and half so I can drink more of them!

Top with a splash of the pomegranate juice. Here is where you can really get creative and have fun. Sub the Pom juice with cranberry juice, peach nectar, grenadine, a flavored simple syrup or even leave it out all together if you want the flavor of the wine to shine through a bit more.

Garnishes can range from a wedge of lemon or lime to fresh slices of peaches, frozen berries (my personal favorite in the summer time), or cubes of melon.

I am currently planning my best friends baby shower, and I am hoping to have wine spritzers as the featured drink of the party. Not only are these drinks festive, they can also be equally (debatable I know) as delicious sans wine. I will plan on offering both!

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